I'm assuming you brought the adamant bar.

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Contact Commander Veldaban at Keldagrim and you'll learn that the Red Axe is now available. To find out more the best way to learn is to get in with RS gold the Consortium once more. Speak to the Giant Dwarf company executive and offer to do a job. After you get back, you will be told that the Red Axe has just bought your contract. They are now your boss. Although this isn't as pleasant as it may be, you need to talk with your new boss, Hreidmar. Perform a task for him, and you'll be fired at the moment.

Utilizing your thieving skills Choose using your thieving skills, select the "spy on" option to watch them leaving. Be sure to follow them, but don't get too close, or Colonel Grimmson will spot you. Keep at least 5 squares behind them. As they approach Hreidmar's home, spy at the window to see the way they're being connected. They will be told to meet at "the spot" by a figure. The Boatman will take them there. You will need food and combat equipment before you can take off on the vessel. It's going to be ugly, I promise.

Go to the Dwarven Bootman. Instead of speaking to him, stow away on the ship and you'll hear Red Axe members telling him they're taking a bag of barbed adamant to "them". After a while, you will be taken to a cave that is down the river that is located near Keldagrim which only the Red Axe know about. Wait until you see the Red Axe members advance to the next room before emerging from the ship. You don't want to know what will happen if you are trapped.

As they leave, sneak over to the door and check it for traps. After disabling the traps walk through the door and gaze at the balcony. You'll see three Dragonkin below One of them is named: Wyvoch. Wyvoch is one of the Kin you encountered after Guthix Sleeps. The Red Axe members will enter. Yes, they are allies. Now, why do the Dragonkin seek allies from insufferable businessmen with the power of their economy to the point that they can blatantly violate the law, or cause recessions at any time? The answer is in the question itself. A conversation follows:

I'm assuming you brought the adamant bar. We certainly did. Our Chaos Dwarves are unloading them soon. What is the reason you desire them so much? We'll demonstrate it. We could even ask Grimmson to perform an favor. Let me guess, you want me to test your newest Dragon. You'll understand why we're looking for Adamant in the near future.

Colonel Grimmson will be in the arena to fight a level 186 Adamant Dragon. Yes. Level 186. He is able to beat it. I've told you that the animation spell wouldn't work well on adamant. This is what you said about the Mithril Dragons as well as Steel Dragons. If you had the chance, Elvarg could have been the most effective creation we've ever had. I'm buy RuneScape gold being real here. That's enough. While I would like to have the Adamant Dragons completed, we do have the other project we are working on.