Madden 22 brings some new features to Face of the Franchise

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Madden 22 brings some new features to Face of the Franchise

Face of the Franchise is another mode of Madden 22, where players can control their careers as professional athletes. In the past, most of Madden 22's content has been focused on the improved franchise model. Considering the huge backlash that EA faced last year, players can choose a story-driven RPG-style mode Face of the Franchise to start their career.

You will start your career in the 2021 NFL Draft. You will train with other NFL players at Nike headquarters and participate in other activities that will ultimately affect your draft stock, such as college football playoffs, NFL team interviews, and private training. Although these situations must be new to the model, they are presented in a way that you will be forced to make choices that may affect your career in the long term.

Sometimes, you have to make decisions that affect draft status, including having to choose between participating in a charity tournament in Hawaii or a Nike-sponsored New York City exhibition game. Your decision will not only bring a different game experience, but also get different rewards and opportunities for your choice.

Face of the Franchise now has four positions to choose from: QB, WR, HB, and defensive position as a linebacker. Each position has multiple occupations related to it. These occupations include three superstar abilities and one X factor ability, which you can unlock when you level up in that occupation. As you progress in your MUT 22 Coins career, if you have unlocked them in advance, you can equip superstars and X-factor abilities from other professions, allowing you to mix and match for complete customization.

The season engine will introduce a weekly storyline to help set new challenges and game moments. Depending on how you and your team perform in each season, you can take on different challenges. It is understood that according to your location, team and weekly performance, the season engine can trigger at least a dozen scenarios. There are more than 70 podcast episodes to tell your performance, including interviews and opinions based on the beat of your career story. This is a bit similar to the Cheap Madden 22 Coins narrative podcast launched by MLB The Show 21 this year.

In addition, you can further customize your player. Each week, there will be three different opportunities for unique gains or rewards, providing short-term temporary rating gains or long-term improvements with smaller but permanent gains. Maybe you can also get REP or CRED.

Mental concentration, physical recovery, team connection and my brand are the four main auxiliary activities. These side events will be random and will not provide the same combination within two weeks, which means you have to choose carefully because you may not be given the same opportunities in the future. In addition, you will get bigger rewards because some side events are more rare than others. You can increase your strength in the game by buying a large amount of MUT 22 Coins on UTnice, thereby helping you to get greater rewards.