To ensure you don't smuggle weapons or people

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You will require Planks (Of the kind of OSRS gold wood you're building your ship from) a nail, hammer and saw. The frame can come in three sizes. Small medium or large. Small frames are 10k, medium frames are 50k and large frames are 100k. When the frame is completed you can begin to attach the planks. To complete the exterior of your boat you'll require about 100 planks. You can add more boats to your collection as you progress at a higher level. You could either grow the size of your boat or purchase more boats. It's incredible, think about it. You could have a whole fleet of boats at your command (if you're rich).

Once you've completed the exterior of your vessel, you can start the interior. You can pay a work crew to build decks, cabins for the crew (Crews will be discussed in a later post) and various rooms (Most types of construction rooms). It can be constructed using plansks or bars made of metal. A wheel that comes with the frame is an important tool. Once that is done it is time to begin creating rooms by climbing up a ladder. One deck is on the lower portion of your tiny ship (formerly known as the frame).

Medium ships have two lower decks, whereas the large ship can have up to three lower decks. You can hire an entire crew if you wish. These crew members are like workers in the construction industry, however they have different responsibilities. You'll need an engineer and cook. To help your crew, you must pay them money and give them crew quarters in which to sleep. It is now possible to store food, drinks, and alchohal before you head across the ocean. It is not possible to attack other ships while you're out at sea, but you may be stopped by a police ship and checked.

To ensure you don't smuggle weapons or people on board, they'll be allowed to be allowed to board your boat. It is possible to have passengers who will pay up to 10k based on the size of the boat. Every port in Runescape is able to be reached by. However, you cannot summon familiers or other creatures. Pets are not allowed on anyone else's or your vessel. If you take off your ship and don't come to it for a few days the ship and crew will just stay in the port. No one can board your vessel and your crew cannot quit unless you dismiss them or don't pay them or they don't like the conditions on the vessel - not enough food, or too small sleeping areas, etc.

Let's now move on to the mini-game. I'm still trying decide on a name, but I'll look at some possible names. This is a risky mini-game. This is not a MULTI-COMBAT AREA! For example, you are sailing with 3 ships. One armed ship is encountered. One of your ships is permitted to fight it. It will be impossible for the other ships to cheap RS gold engage it, board it, or fire on it.