Anyways, I had been reading sals's and rune wiki's guides for range training.

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Anyways, I had been reading sals's and rune wiki's guides for RuneScape gold range training. Sals manual is obsolete, and soul wars isn't mentioned ANYWHERE. Rune wiki's guide cites soul wars as a coaching choice at 90+ range. So, where do I train stove, and with what weapon? (I've 40 slayer) I've been considering: slayer, chins (mummies in chaos tunnels), darts at stone crabs/experiments, soul wars, cannon at green dragons Also, I'd like to have approximately 70 hp in 90 range and strength, and 75 in 99 range, so please maintain hp training to a minimum (I may just do chins 89-90 or something)

I have around 5M, but I'd prefer a profitable way before ditching 2Mish on chins. Well if you really intend on pursuing a future in scope, you would like to have access to broad tipped bolts. I'm not saying these are good for training, but for certain situations like Aviansies, they're incredible. However, in order to utilize these bolts, you will need 55 slayer. Do not worry, most slayer jobs are rangeable and some even provide exceptional xp.

Now with broad tipped bolts (or among a number of other variety weapons) you can train efficiently at Pest Control. Although the hourly xp here is not surprising, you may use the reward points on scope, letting you keep your hp low.Other than this, I truly think there aren't many methods to keep your hp at 70 using 90 variety and strength. Keep in mind 90 range alone is 5.3m xp. 1.3m hp xp is virtually level 76 by itself and bear in mind that this doesn't incorporate the hp xp you have received from other battle methods. If you're really seriously interested in maintaining the levels that you have listed, you may have to be very creative in how you gain the xp (maybe rebuilding barriers in pest management ).

I am F2P (non-members). Proceed to Hill Giants and maintain fighting with Hill Giants. In between fighting Hill Giants, commerce with other Runescapers saying"Purchasing 1 limpwurt origin for 5 big bones". (Were surprised at the number of folks buying 1 limpwurt root for 5 significant bones, since Hill Giants shed a decent amount of limpwurt root.)

Proceed to a few of the places from the Wilderness (possibly Chaos Temple, or even the small"boneyard" immediately southeast of Clan Wars... where bones always keep respawning and nobody picks them up). I only put this method down since in Hill Giants, you need to wait for a Hill Giant to cheap RS gold re-spawn (also not have somebody else fight it), and conquer the Hill Giant... whereas in this technique, it'll be nonstop levelling up in Prayer. Lumbridge Catabombs: warped cockroaches (level 1). Uncrowded. 100% bones drop rate. Will be getting bones almost as fast as procedure 2.