In the long run, repair is going to run you well beyond the price

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In the long run, repair is going to run you well beyond the price


Should you go with the Granite Body, or is there an alternative I'm not even yet aware of? Or is it worth investing into Verac's Brassard to RS Gold name a few? Barrows armor is quite good It is probably a considerably less than granite and includes pretty good Prayer bonus (not necessary).

In the long run, repair is going to run you well beyond the price of a Bandos chestplate, even if you don't frequently utilize Barrows and it lasts an extremely long time even If you don't use it in a lot of combat. As a training tool, it's decent, and fifteen hours is quite a bit of time. Absolutely worth it if cannot afford Bandos in the beginning, because the initial ~1 mil and then another one every 15 hours is quite a good cost.

A bit of research indicates that a body on its own is 270k to repair at Bob. That should be enough to give you how much price of Bandos Chestplate, 16 mil? I don't know how exactly to figure out how many repairs you'd use (mostly because I haven't been getting well this morning) until you're at that from 270000 (or less, if you use POH standing for your armor) But it is a lot of lives. This is bolded to keep my ramblings from becoming boring I suggest you You should invest in Barrows.

I have around 7 RS Member Accounts that I received as a gift from another forum. I'm considering of a giveaway but is it allowed to giveaway RS accounts? If yes, then on which board can I do it? It all depends on exactly what you are planning to do.

Can you offer up an authentic RuneScape account? This is account trading and considered RWT according to Jagex's rules that we adhere to. Do you have the ability to offer the subscription code of the purchase of a pre-paid credit card in stores? You might want to osrs accounts for sale read on for further details.