To their credit, the Bengals did show some courage

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After a peaceful couple of games that were played for Madden nfl 22 coins both teams, the Rams were able to score in a way that was quite controversial. In a third-and-12 scenario from to the Cincinnati 34-yard line, Matthew Stafford uncorked a deep ball to Van Jefferson on the left side of the end zone. At first, officials decided that the ball was out of boundaries, but a fight by Sean McVay led to a reverse of the decision and the Rams going up, 7-0. In all transparency, it didn't look like Jefferson could have been in boundaries, but the virtual officials believed otherwise upon the second review (Maybe the video games are more real! ).

The Bengals were able to respond to that scoring drive by the Rams with a score of their own as Joe Burrow completed a pass to Tee Higgins that tied the game at seven, however, L.A. quickly matched that score by driving down the field and Odell Beckham Jr. scoring a seven-yard touchdown passing making it 14-7.

At this point that the Bengals started to get left in the dust.

The Cincinnati offense entered the field after the Beckham touchdown, and was on a third-and-9 from their 24-yard line. After advancing to his right, Burrow was tackled by Leonard Floyd and the football was released. Aaron Donald scooped it up and was able to slam it into the goal line to set the Rams ahead 21-7. Later in the second half, the running back Cam Akers would cap off another scoring sequence to L.A. that would extend their lead by three scores.

To their credit, the Bengals did show some courage in buy Madden 22 coins the first quarter, even with the score-scoring flurry of the Rams. They managed to get into the end zone in just 50 seconds remaining before halftime to cut the gap to 14 points after Burrow was able to connect with Tyler Boyd.