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It is made of high-quality tobacco leaves at home and abroad as raw materials, coupled with unique top-level flavoring technology, and carefully flavored and refined. It is a high-end cigarette brand, a top Chinese flue-cured tobacco for elites and successful people. The tobacco has a pure aroma, good hair penetration, rich and plump smoke, and a good sense of satisfaction. Mainly the most mainstream international full-open packaging, the appearance of wine red, with golden wheel rudder pattern, plus logo, the whole visual effect is magnificent and eye-catching. The golden filter tip and the white cigarette body bring out the dignity of medium and thin cigarettes to the extreme Newport 100S. The overall packaging design is very high-end, in line with the market positioning, a very attractive cigarette. The pilot cigarette is pure, excellent in quality, and has a great taste. It burns with particularly good permeability, and belongs to the combustion-resistant cigarette. The aftertaste is pure, the aftertaste is sweet and healthy, and the structure is gray and white, and the structure of the gray is also very good. The full-open packaging is more conducive to the use of cigarettes. Personally like this cigarette very much, it is very suitable for making rations. The aroma is rich, pure and natural, the smoke is plump and thick Wholesale Cigarettes, the concentration and strength are moderate, and the aftertaste is clean and comfortable. I ignite one, take a light breath, the smoke immediately enters the mouth through the filter sponge, not as strong as I imagined, and not as dry, the tar content has dissipated, and the 17mg high fragrance cannot be tasted, but the smoke is very mellow. It is strong, strong, less irritating, and resistant to burns. Unlike the current situation, it burns out in a moment with two or three mouthfuls. The main color, supplemented by gold, is simple, clear, and decent. This packaging design looks comfortable, not as big as it is now. It really affects the beauty. The old packaged cigarettes are indeed very nostalgic for baking cigarettes. The fragrance is combined with tropical fruit extracts, and the smoke is soft. The high-standard leaf group formula combines molecular distillation purification technology to highlight the roasted sweet flavor. The moisturizing red core wire is placed in the filter rod to improve the moist feel of the cigarette. In view of the characteristics of the formula style of the tobacco leaf group Parliament Cigarettes, the tobacco is mainly roasted and sweet, and the secret formula is scientifically harmonized. It is supplemented by floral and natural fruity. Comfortable, the mouth is refreshing and sweet.
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