The birth story of the sex doll

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Those of you who know this history, when you use sex dolls in the future, you seem to be able to see Hitler's father-in-law staring at you in the sky.

Prequel: Made in Germany, Hitler was the father-in-law of sex doll lovers

During World War II, a large number of German soldiers were displaced from their homes. Compared with the hardships and torture of the war, Hitler realized that another problem was more difficult: long-term abstinence.

The Germans don't want to adopt an inhumane sex doll policy, and they don't want to "just bend it together" like the British soldiers.

In the late Virgo period, Hitler and the SS commander Himmler combined, it would be better if we made our own girls!

In 1940, Hitler personally ordered that the girl-making program was launched by the German Health Institute, called the "Borghilde" program.

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Hitler also described the image of a girl in his mind: snow-white skin, blond hair, blue eyes, and sexy breasts, and even the height was strictly stipulated at 176cm.

The "Borghilde" researchers cried, if it was so good, I would marry a fart.

Restoring the silicone sex doll Hitler demanded

After some struggles, the Borghild team used their strength to persuade the Führer to give up the perfect star silicone sex doll route.

Instead, I chose the vulgar appearance of "squeaky, I want to slap", and the height was also relaxed to three models of 168, 176, and 182.

On September 15, 1941 (the birthday of flat chested sex dolls all over the world), the first sex doll was born.

However, before the sex dolls were sent to the front line, the German army cancelled the launch plan because of the total defeat of the front.

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In February 1945, the Allied forces bombed Dresden, where the German health center was located, and the Berghilde base that developed and produced sex dolls was also set ablaze.

The German robot sex doll has broken blood!