I should probably change my shield for Granite, right?

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When ever I get 71, 81, 91 if I just keep using the same method or if I start searching urns in RuneScape gold certain level rooms ( before my closing available room)? Like when do the rooms begin giving you exp worth the time taken? Thanks. Lately I have been spending some time at Avainsies, also that I have a couple questions. First my Ranged/equipment/inventory. Now, my questions.

I should probably change my shield for Granite, right? I realize I need to choose Bones to Peaches instead of Sharks, but I didn't get it from the Mage Training Arena. Can tabs work? Should I still bring some Sharks? Any other improvments I can make to my armor? Any additional suggestions? Finish eadgar's ruse for a simple tele to close the god wars. Here is what I take, Your equiped items are not so great. To save / create stock space, Simply wear the sara zammy items.

Why is it that I use this? Teleing into Trollheim leaves 1 space to start collecting drops ( 2 legislation are gone ). The superb defence obviously makes you take less damage. Ranging containers to get quicker kills. Sharks get you a good few kills before you begin BtP'ing. 502 fires becomes 500 if you tele to trollheim. Having bolts pubs ( noted ) already in invent, means making no space for drops. Having 1 gp means no need to generate space for alched money. If you get a swordfish drop, but don't have any room, just drop something, pick up a swordie, consume it, then pick ur thing up. Hope this helps, It's really the best way to do Aviansies.

I've been trying to find a fantastic barrows armor that I was able to use the maximum. I want armor which has a mix between great defence (so long as the defence is better afterward dragon), and good strength. I want to have the ability to use this armor to train my cb stats up like attk, str, and def. Money isn't actually a problem I have 17m, but I wanna spen over 7m with this armor. I want to know what would be the best barrows armor to get. (additionally, I mainly train aghainst creatures but ocasionally I will go p2p but tht is not tht frequently ) You have to put on a complete matching set to find the special features!

Dharok's set lets you hit harder when you have low hitpoints. It's great to get xp, but keeping your hitpoints low is not easy, and there's always the probability of dying! Torag's set has the maximum defence, but the attack bonus only applies to the hammer, which is not a fantastic weapon. Guthan's set has a special move that occupies a competitor's hitpoints, so you don't have to Old School RS Gold take food. Verac's set can hit prayer, therefore it is only really useful against monsters of gamers who pray. Karil's collection is for that range, so it doesn't match your requirements. Ahrim's collection is for maging, so again it is not best for you.