Could we get some voices within this thread from people

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Could we get some voices within this thread from people

I have not loaded it Animal Crossing New Horizons Items up in ~4 months and whenever I think of it I do not actually know what I would accomplish inside.

Fossils are performed (that's a first also ).

When money is meaningless - what's there to chase about the day-to-day?

Boot up, see if Redd is in, see whether any rare insects are out / fish for this moment.

Here's hoping for purposeful investments for Bells in a future upgrade. I didn't even mistreat the Turnips like the others did.

I'ts unreal how difficult some things are.

You will find over 300 (400?) Possible villagers and yet I can not ask a person to leave. When someone reaches the campsite, I must experience the most infuriating tune and dance to make them move in and I'm not even allowed to choose who I wanted to move out.

This, along with so many goofy little things, create a peaceful experience turn sour in this kind of unnecessary way.

I really HATED the long, dull tutorial of NH. I know they needed it to feel as if you're developing a town on a remote island from nothing, but it was such a constant slog to get through.

They could have condensed it like the first 3 days of playing but spreading it out over two weeks wasn't enjoyable at all. The first few days were walking around and picking weeds essentially because you couldn't even access your whole island or the principal buildings were under construction

Could we get some voices within this thread from people who actually enjoyed the game? It's going to end up being the best selling game on the change at the end of the year and each of the best comments are only"game is dull". I would rather hear from those who actually like Animal Crossing games and listen to the way they would want to buy Animal Crossing Items improve the series going forward.