RuneScape - It is possible to start A Sailor's Life

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Redmonke suggested that you need a skillcape. It was my thought that old school rs gold it should be a photo of a boat on the cape, with an sailor in the background. The emote is: You're hoping into a miniature ship and start sailing on the land. It's just an idea, but it could be quite funny. Girfaniam recommended Fishing Boats. I'm now adding to his suggestion.

At level 20 , you will be able create the fishing boat at level 20. This boat will be a little wooden row boat. As your level gets higher the fishing boat will be able to get bigger. Additionally, on your ship you will be able to visit the port side as well as the PORT SIDE ONLY (Unless there are any weapon restrictions there) You'll be able to fly fish or use a normal fishing rod. It is also possible to go fishing with this experience. Fishing for food is a possibility when you're out of food. It is also possible to stop at the nearest port.

Okay as suggested by several people and as seen in other forums, this may require a quest. Here's my pathetic and fabricated quest. The Quest: A Sailor's Live for Me! Level of difficulty: Easy. Length Medium. The requirements are good food as well as armor and a fishing rod. You have to be able defeat a level 200 Sea Serpent using only range, mage, cannons, or catapults. Must have complete Pirate's Treasure Quest.

Walkthrough It is possible to start A Sailor's Life! Quest in Port Sarim, the largest port in Runescape. Speak to the Trader Stan for advice on how to build ships similar to his. The ships he builds are made to order, as you can imagine! If you ask him about it, the man says that you need to find things for him. Redbeard Frank's Priate Hook is the very first item you'll need. Additionally, you'll need a Jug of Wine, Karajama Rum, 5k and a Asgarnian Ale. You will also need to find the peg leg.

Redbeard Frank is more than delighted to offer a hook. He will tell you that you have to find him a date with Emily at the Rising Sun Tavern. There's Emily at the tavern in tears. You ask her what's wrong, and she tells you that she's going to have to fire cape osrs shut down the tavern as she's not receiving enough business.