New grass-type Pokemon in Sword and Shield

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In Sword and Shield, grass-type Pokémon is one of the three major categories, and there are many powerful ones with various functions and abilities. Overlords like Flapple, Rillaboom, etc., have always been top Pokémon, and their shiny versions are also loved by players. But in the new version, Shiinotic, Cherrim, Gourgeist, Maractus, and Trevenant these new Pokémon seem to be very magical.

Shiinotic has decent Special stats, but everything is pretty lackluster. It also has five weaknesses, that have a double weakness to Poison as it is often a Grass/Fairy-type Pokemon. Its movepool is actually comparatively standard in terms of its typing. Nothing really shines.

Cherrim actually has two forms, an Overcast Form and also a Sunshine Form. It is only a shape change. It gains nothing from finding yourself in one form or other. Cherrim has some pretty awful stats, featuring its highest base stat being Special Atk at 87. Flower Gift is its Ability, raising its offensive stats in harsh sunlight. That just is detrimental enough when you'll find Grass-type Pokemon that can do it a lot better. Like other Shiny Pokemon, it can also shine Got up.

Gourgeist causes it to become to this list for similar good reasons to Trevenant. It has five weaknesses but has solid base Attack and Defense stats. Trick-or-Treat is often a fun signature move, but it's very unique. It adds the Ghost -typing to whatever Pokemon is targeted. That could produce some stellar plays, but a Pokemon to be able kind of power really should be even more incredible. It just doesn't make the grade.

Maractus hasn't ever really been an excellent Pokemon, and it also continues to remain underwhelming in Sword and Shield. Its Special Attack is okay, passing it on the chance to make use of some with the more powerful Grass-type moves. Unlike additional Pokemon out there so far, Maractus has awesome Abilities. It is everything that causes it to become underwhelming. It is fairly slow, meaning it will not be able to put its Special Attack to make use of before being knocked out. If you like it, You can buy one on for less than two dollars.

Trevenant incorporates a good Attack stat. Five weaknesses are its downfall. As a Grass/Ghost-type, you should expect Trevenant to be an extremely powerful Pokemon. Especially determined by its intimidating design, It has alright Abilities, yet, there exists just nothing that sticks out for this Pokemon seems like it really should be a monster battler.

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