Julio Jones, not A.J. Brown He is in the highest WR rating in Madden NFL 22

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You can watch 99 total Kelce in "Madden NFL 22" when it goes on sale August 20, 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Madden 22 coins Series S platforms. Julio Jones, not A.J. Brown He is in the highest WR rating in Madden NFL 22. Everyone is excited about the performance of the players on the latest episodes of "Madden NFL" which is a well-known video game franchise.

"Madden NFL 22" will be released on Aug. 20, but in the meantime initial player ratings are trickling out, position-by-position. In the morning, the top 10 ratings for the wide receiver position were announced on ESPN The the new Tennessee Titans wide receiver Julio Jones has the fifth highest rating, with a 95.

Jones A.J., Jones' teammate A.J. is the only significant missing participant from the top 10. Brown and his rating is yet to be determined, was not in the top 10. Check out the full list below: Were we able to argue against Brown being rated higher that like Amari Cooper or Keenan Allen? You bet.

Brown scored more receiving yards and touchdowns than Allen last season. Brown was just 39 yards short of Cooper's total and scored more touchdowns than Allen, despite playing in just two games. Cooper was forced to play the worst quarterback. Brown was suffering from two painful knees. From the trio, Brown and Allen were the only two players to make the Pro Bowl.

In an offseason during which there is a lot of doubt about Jones his ability to sustain the high level of play that he's achieved throughout his career, it's great to see the league show him some respect; although his rating is two points lower than the year before.

No matter what, Madden NFL 22 will change their ratings as the season progresses, so it's possible that the ratings for Jones and Brown could change upwards or buy mut coins lower as the 2022 campaign moves forward.