Are there any requirements for gwd?

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Additionally, receive an entire list of lobsters/swordfish. Swordfish is a lot better, but I killed elvarg at about 40-50 battle, using just 3-5 lobbies. This installment is merely for the final boss battle against elvarg the dragon btw. One more thing, using 33 magic may save u 10k gp (for telegrabing a map bit instead of buying it from the goblin). Also bear in mind, u need 33 quest points to even begin this exploration. If u want to RuneScape gold, don't hesitate to contact me in game (Tarun Dragon) and I'd be happy to help u, and also finance , if ur not good on money. When I did it, rune scimmies where 60k by itself, so that it cost me much more.

Everyone else has given you the best advice, except for two items. I believe that an amulet of power would be a lot better than strength, because it boosts you precision and defence. A brief sword will conquer a scimitar against dragons, that are feeble to stab attacks.

If u do use a rune sword make certain to get it set to a stab atk btw. Btw, if u get 43 prayer, u cud practicly kill it without needing any dmg watso ever lol. But do not, u rllly do not need prayer to kill elvarg.

Oh, too, when ur doing melzar's maze for part of the map into crandor, it wud be best to secure spot the Demon (80+ cb) with mage, so bring along with a 100 chaos runes, using an air staff, along with elemental runes, or bring 150ish mind runes, together with air personnel and the very best elemental runes tht u can use. (if ur using mind runes, use atleast the flame strike charm, as the reduced ones may really do lower dmg compared to lesser demon's hp regen rate. I didn't know what I was up against, and needed to melee it, bk when I had been doing the pursuit. It was actually tougher than the boss battle against elvarg.

Ok, so I saw a frnd of Buy RS gold mine today, who is 88 cb enjoy me... He has claws, barrows, ags, etc.. Are there any requirements for gwd?