The Blackout was of course touched as well

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Hilmar expressed his desire for EVE Mobile ISK to become sentient in the Long Run, with gamers entirely driving everything,

"Absolutely, it is the long term vision. I mean, we have had to employ some manual intervention to get the thing going and just to collect information on where the boundaries are The blackout, the drifters, the wormhole relations, all the things we have been doing."

The Blackout was of course touched as well, together with Hilmar coming away happy with how it was conducted, and the learnings the group managed to come off with,"It was a excellent experimentation to know what a fantastic duration is, and in this situation it was too long. We added nothing to our knowledge about it following day 40, 66 days was too long"

The release cadence was also mentioned, with Hilmar discussing finding the right balance between releasing all at once versus piece meal,"How we have been managing the upgrades, I often explain it like as if you had been a sausage factory. You need to EVE Echoes ISK For Sale make sausages, set them in a bunch, package them together, and here's a bunch of sausages. But we are sort of just releasing a long sausage that has no break in it and nobody wants that. Our updates are supply driven, what gets sent by the dev team is simply released in a long stream."