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The Cisco ASA Specialist is someone responsible for design, and implementation of security technologies with the help of Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA).

The specialist has the necessary skills to understand network security threats, procedures, and transactions. The Cisco ASA Specialist understands how to successfully manage firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), VPN hardware, software clients, and various other critical security systems. It provides them with the skills to handle any issues related to Cisco’s new invention, the Adaptive Security Appliance.

The Cisco ASA Specialist will help configure Cisco firewalls, Cisco Anti-Virus on an ASA and Cisco VPNs, server, and client. The specialist has a better understanding of how to design and build a secure network. The freelance Cisco ASA Specialists will know how to plan and execute various levels of security departments. The professionals will have extensive knowledge of configuring Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), technologies and networks. It is considered as a benchmark product for professionals who take care of advanced Cisco security appliances and VPN solutions, including advanced protocol handling, remote access VPNs, Secure Sockets Layer VPNs, site-to-site VPNs, high-availability VPNs, and failover.
The Cisco ASA Specialist is well-versed with the benefits of ASA Technology. The specialist will have an in-depth understanding of the firewall technologies, mode and ASA licensing. Certified professionals will oversee the basic connectivity and device management. They must understand the interface configuration and security levels. The ASA Specialist will assist in setting up the IP Routing and supported routing protocols.

Cisco Call Managers also known as Cisco Unified Communications Manager will design, develop and implement network and telecommunications infrastructure according to the needs of their organization. The manager monitors the organization's networks and its connections, and they play an active role in the installation of the Cisco network operating system software. They also evaluate, configure and maintain network hardware and software.

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