Now looking at the very low sec ores

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Now looking at the very low sec ores.

Pyroxeres are currently the best ore in reduced sec thanks to it is nocxium output. They have the best value in ISK/m3 currently as long as nocxium's value remains up around 2000 ISK they should stay among the greatest ores in reduced sec. Hemorphite is the move to ore for Zydrine which has become a staple in all blue prints that are tier 7 or higher. Expect Hemorphite to EVE Echoes ISK go up in value because we get nearer to grade 8 unlocking as even more will be required for those patterns, just like what happened to nocxium when tier 7 unlocked.

Spodumain is your 2nd greatest ore in low sec and will be your very best ore to mine in case your looking for the base minerals: tritanium, pyerite, mexallon, and isogen which are used in every ship blueprint from the game in large quantities. Spodumain's worth has endured from afk large sec retriever mining since all of it's outputs are easily gathered in high sec. Nonetheless, it remains a solid option if your corporation is based in non or EVE Mobile ISK Buy null sec and you are wanting to gather these minerals yourself rather than buying them from the trade hubs. Dark Ochre is your best ore to be mining for if your target is to gather nocxium, as it's the highest noxcium ouput from the game per m3. Gneiss has tanked in price due to mexallon losing close to half it's value per unit during the previous week together with pyerite and isogen falling off in value significantly. Gneiss, exactly like spodumain is only viable to mine if you do not need to make trips into the trade hubs to buy the minerals.